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2022 blog posts:

2020 & 2021 blog posts:

2019 blog posts: 

2.1: Why You Should Theme Your Year
2.2: How to Use Lists to Tackle a Big Project
2.3: The Recovering Workaholic’s Guide to Taking Breaks
2.4: Diminishing Returns (Less is Best Series)
2.5: Please Start Valuing Your Behind the Scenes Labor
2.6: Momentum & Writing
2.7: The Magic of Routine, Rhythm, & Ritual
2.8: Batchotasking
2.9: Why You Should Aim for “Good Job”
2.10: Build a Path that Serves You
2.11: How to Revise (part 1)
2.12: How to Revise (part 2)
2.13: Give Yourself Permission
2.14: Quarterly Reflection
2.15: Achieve Your Dreams Brick By Brick
2.16: Make a Rest and Recharge Toolkit
2.17: Put the Personal in Personal Organizing
2.18: Why You Should Theme Your Year Check In #1
2.19: How to Get the Most Out of Your Personal Resources
2.20: On Healing
2.21: Battle Work Doldrums with Pomodoro
2.22: Intentional Tech Use
2.23: How to Cope with Comparison
2.24: The Power of Personal Mantras & Affirmations
2.25: The Productivity Tool that Changed My Life
2.26: Give Yourself Permission to Rest
2.27: Mindful Acceptance: The First Step Towards Action
2.28: Three Mindful Productivity How-Tos
2.29: Giving a Fuck is a Personal Resource
2.30: Spoon Theory: What It Is & How I Use It
2.31: How to Hold Two Conflicting Truths a Once
2.32: My Journey to Becoming a Productivity Coach
2.33: Strive for Emotional Awareness
2.34: In Praise of Blank Space
2.35: My Favorite Way to Get Down to Business
2.36: Big Changes Beget Bigger Opportunities
2.37: Discerning Yes and No Can Help You Focus on Your Path
2.38: Flow State: When Work is a Joy
2.39: On the Occasion of Turning 33: Reflections & Intentions
2.40: Slowductivity: A Magical Blend of My Favorite Things
2.41: The Goldilocks Approach to Productivity
2.42: Limiting Beliefs: Choose Wisely
2.43: On Doing Thing Religiously: Or How I Value Myself
2.44: The Freedom of Experimentation
2.45: Work is Work Even If You Love It
2.46: How to Cope with Negative Emotions without Spiritual Bypassing
2.47: Why You Should Shift from To-do to Ta-da
2.48: Being Kinder to Myself is an Ongoing Practice
2.49: Reflection Prompts for the End of the Year…and Decade!
2.50: Lessons I Learned in 2019
2.51: Tending in 2020 + Announcing Success & Accountability Coaching
2.52: Blog News

2018 blog posts:

1.1: Welcome to The Tending Year
1.2: Three Keys to Abundance
1.3: Playing It By Ear
1.4: Mindful Consumption
1.5: Mindful Production
1.6: Changing the Stories We Tell Ourselves
1.7: Self-compassion: What It Is and How Do I Do It
1.8: Self-sabotage
1.9: Abundance
1.10: Conscious Input and Output
1.11: Dive Deep
1.12: Recovery
1.13: Perspective
1.14: Focus
1.15: Habits 101
1.16: Enjoy the Process
1.17: Movement
1.18: Self-validation
1.19: How to Plan
1.20: How to Schedule
1.21: Perfectionism and Pain
1.22: Negative Self Talk
1.23: Workaholic Tendencies
1.24: Regarding Self-care
1.25: Embracing the Gray Area
1.26: Top Five Tending Tips
1.27: How to Live with Intention Using Values & Presence
1.28: How to Receive and Release with Intention
1.29: Monotasking vs. Task Switching
1.30: Managing Energy Expenditure
1.31: Emotional Agency
1.32: Priority Setting
1.33: My Archival Research Fellowship
1.34: How to Feel Good Enough
1.35: Mind and Concept Maps
1.36: Must-do Method
1.37: Vision Boards
1.38: Keeping a Dissertation Journal
1.39: Ways to Handle a Bad Mood
1.40: One-inch Picture Frame
1.41: Some is Better than None
1.42: How to Handle Overwhelm
1.43: To Hold in the Hand: A Guide to Maintaining
1.44: Choosing Yes, Choosing No
1.45: Have Purpose on Purpose
1.46: What I Learned from Monitoring
1.47: What is Work and Why it Matters
1.48: Social Media with Intention and Awareness
1.49: How to Handle Aversive Tasks
1.50: 2018 Goals Check In
1.51: Reflection: Whys and Hows
1.52: Lessons From 2018

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