This page is about my Coaching offerings for individuals.
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I work with every client to develop an individualized plan that accounts for your interests, goals, and lived experiences, all with an awareness of your personal resources. Unlike most productivity coaching, which hails one stereotype of “success,” we will resee success within the context of what is realistic and essential to you.

I have two coaching offerings, Single Session Slowductivity Coaching and Success & Accountability Mentorship. Keep scrolling for descriptions, rates, to sign up, and don’t forget to read my clients’ testimonials at the bottom of this page to learn more about what coaching with me is like.

Single Session Slowductivity Coaching

Single Session Slowductivity Coaching is a more financially accessible option for people who are interested in delving into a particular question or idea in an inclusive one-hour coaching session, without the pre- and post-session bells and whistles. In other words, we have a brilliant session, I will send you brief notes summarizing what we discussed, and then you implement your new plans on your own after the session.

rate: $135 per session

Success & Accountability Mentorship

I was first drawn to create this offering because it’s what I myself have craved for years as a multi-passionate creative and scholar, and the feedback I’ve received from clients shows me that I’m not the only one who thrives more with outside accountability. Having a personalized plan that accounts for your real life will enable you to improve the quality of your output as well as establish new habits and perspectives around productivity in general. I will guide you through the life of your intentions, from the beginning inkling of “How the hell do I do this?” to the finishing touches.

Success & Accountability Mentoring will help you set and meet goals within the span of three or six months. This offering is a hands-on approach to coaching, where I combine my expertises to guide individuals to make lasting changes in their own productivity, prioritization, and time management practices. I help clients approach long-term projects and goals through short-term practices that provide immediate results.

This Mentorship offering will help clients change the ways they approach their work and rest practices, even if they aren’t sure where to start, if they feel overwhelmed, or they are burnt out. Success & Accountability Mentoring is especially helpful for people who respond well to external accountability, who are working on a long-term project, or who want a holistic reset when it comes to the ways they labor. 

What’s Included?

  • I’ll ask you to answer a questionnaire about your interests, goals, dreams, and obstacles before our first session. I’ll review your answers and use them to guide our first session.
  • We will have a one-hour, one-on-one private coaching session once per month on Zoom, Skype, or phone. During the session, we’ll identify your patterns, habits, and goals, will look at what’s on your plate and your schedule, and we will come up with specific experiments you can try, determine deadlines for you, and set goals on a schedule that feels good to you as an individual. 
  • I’ll take notes during our session so you can fully focus, and then after our session I’ll revise these into detailed and descriptive to-do lists and next steps that you can use as a guide between our sessions. I’ll send you these confidential notes within 48 hours of our session.
  • I will follow up with you via email once a week while we are working together. This is a place where I check in on your progress on the goals we determined together during our session, and I will invite you to write me back with an update. 
  • We will have an additional 30-minute check-in video or phone session in the last month of the package where we re-evaluate your progress on your goals and practices and make any adjustments to your to-do list, schedule, or practices as needed. Note: the 6-month package includes a 30-minute check-in session at the end of month 3 and month 6.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to chat about how Success & Accountability Mentorship could be helpful for you, please feel free to email me.

3-month package rate

  • $250/month for individuals paying for themselves
  • $340/month for individuals paid for by their organization (i.e., a university paying for a faculty member). 
  • Please note that a 3-month package includes 3 consecutive months, e.g., June 1st through August 31st.

Payment can be made up front or billed monthly via Paypal invoicing (you do not need a Paypal account).

6-month package rate

  • $225/month for individuals paying for themselves (save $25/session)
  • $330/month for individuals paid for by their organization (i.e., a university paying for a faculty member; save $10/session)
  • Please note that a 6-month package includes 6 consecutive months, e.g., January 1st through June 30th.

Payment can be made up front or billed monthly via Paypal invoicing (you do not need a Paypal account).

Free half hour discovery call

Interested in booking a personal coaching session, but want to chat before you make the commitment? 

Are you a business or school who is looking to hire a speaker or consultant to assist with project planning, productivity, or work/life balance? Looking for someone to run a workshop about time management, prioritization, or goal setting for your employees or students? Let’s chat!

One of the first things that drew me to Kate’s work was her fresh perspective on productivity. In a sea of people encouraging you to “work, work, work” without respect to your physical and emotional well-being, Kate’s focus on mindfulness and slow living was just what I needed. I reached out to Kate for coaching after admitting to myself that my current faculty position was no longer what I wanted in a career. I was looking for a coach who could help me explore next steps, specifically towards entrepreneurship. I wanted someone who understood the ins and outs of academia, as well as small business ownership. And most importantly, I wanted a coach who prioritized healthy relationships with work. The care, time, and attention that Kate gives to each of her clients has been the icing on the cake. Anytime we meet (and whenever I get a check-in email), I always feel like Kate is my biggest supporter and is genuinely excited about my wins. During each session Kate has encouraged forward momentum on my goals in the most gentle way possible, working together to create a plan that takes into account my unique needs. I leave each session confident about next steps and energized about moving forward in a sustainable way. If you’re looking for an insightful, non-judgmental, and caring coach to support you while you follow your dreams, Kate is the only person you need!


I scheduled my first session with Kate when I started seriously thinking about making my passions my full-time work but I was feeling worried about how I could do that, especially as a chronically-ill person. That choice has shown itself to have been the sweetest gift to myself. I love working with a “productivity” coach who understands how much we need slowness and who supports that I can’t generally work more than 20 hours a week. Kate has a real knack for pulling out the wisdom I already have within myself. Rather than focusing on prebaked tips or tricks (though she does have some brilliant ideas to offer), she has helped me identify what will work for me through helping me tune in to what I already know about myself. Because of this, I leave every session with Kate feeling full of confidence in myself and feeling like my goals are within reach. It feels so wonderful to work with someone who I know can understand and witness the complexity of my experience as a queer, chronically-ill person, striving to find sustainable self-employment. I know I will recommend her over and over again to anyone in my community looking for external support in achieving their dreams without sacrificing their health and well-being.

-Elli P. of Sweet Dirt Ceramics

When I first started working with Kate, I was struggling to transition from working on my PhD full time to a part time PhD and full time work that coincided with a chronic illness flare up. My PhD progress had stalled, I found myself exhausted, unable to focus, struggling to maintain daily habits, and weighed down with negative self talk. When I reached out to Kate my main goal was to develop more productive writing habits. However, what she has given me is so much more than that. In addition to helping me develop more sustainable and consistent work practices, she has helped me learn to rest intentionally and with less guilt, making it so much easier to manage fatigue and brain fog. She has developed different strategies for me to try out new habits that serve me and has supported me and held space for me to turn around negative self talk that was making me feel frozen. No matter where I’m at when we have our coaching sessions, Kate holds space for me to be a human in such a kind, thoughtful, and compassionate way. She tailors strategies and suggestions to who I am and how I’m feeling at the time, gently shifting plans and strategies when that changes. Coaching with Kate is an incredibly safe, supportive and encouraging space. I started working with Kate to make progress on my dissertation, but she has ended up changing my life in so many positive ways. I am so grateful to have connected with her and I could not recommend her more.


When I started seeing Kate for coaching sessions, I knew I was ready to make some changes in my life, but I couldn’t figure out where or how to focus my efforts. I arrived to this process seeking support around adjusting my daily routines, and quickly realized the change I was craving included some much more big picture questions about career and life goals. Kate rolled with it gracefully! She can talk bed time habits, grad school applications, and core values with equally creative expertise. However I show up to session—whatever’s on my mind—Kate holds space for me to work things through. She asks insightful questions and has really helped me learn how to prioritize. I come away feeling clear, capable, and ready to take the next (big or small) step. She helps me remember the larger vision and supports the process of trying out different ways of managing my dreams, responsibilities, well-being, and time. I am so grateful to have connected with Kate when I did!


Kate Litterer is a conscientious, talented and considerate coach who works diligently and meticulously to ensure that her clients meet their desired goals. Her unique approach to productivity is valuable, and no two plans are alike! She carefully crafts plans that meets clients like myself where they are and get them where they want to be. As a graduate student, I found her focus on mental health to be extremely comforting and gratifying. I am grateful to Kate for the strategies and tools she showed me to make the best productivity plans that work for my style and workload. I believe she would be an extraordinary asset to any professional seeking to get organized and stay on task without the fear of burnout or shame.