As promised in my previous Tending Letter, I owe you all some updates! Below, I’ll talk about what you can expect from the blog and newsletter, guides and workshops, and the thing I’m most excited about: my new coaching offerings!

Goodbye weekly blog post. Hello twice-a-month Tending Letter.

I am replacing my weekly blog posts with twice-a-month newsletters, fondly called Tending Letters. These letters will focus on topics and how-tos similar to those I cover in my blog posts, but they’ll also include updates and recommendations for resources I think my readers will love. If you’re not signed up yet, be sure to get on the list! You can at the bottom of any blog post. When you subscribe, I’ll give you access to all past Tending Letters and also send you a free copy of my habit formation guide.

Guides, Workbooks, and Workshops

I know that some people prefer self-paced practices, so in 2020 I’ll share print and digital guides and workbooks (some free, some for sale). I’m also planning to facilitate digital group workshops (again, some free, some for sale). If you’ve got suggestions for topics for guides, workbooks, or workshops would be most helpful to you, please respond to this blog post or email me at [email protected] and let me know! I’ll keep you updated on these offerings in The Tending Letter, social media (I’m on Instagram and Facebook), and my website.

Announcing Success & Accountability Coaching!

I’ve been coaching clients on productivity and slow living topics for the last two years, and after much consideration, I’ve developed a specialty coaching offering: Success and Accountability Coaching. I was first drawn to create this offering because it’s what I myself have craved for years as a multi-passionate creative and scholar, and the feedback I’ve received from clients shows me that I’m not the only one who desires something more.

Success and Accountability Coaching includes

  • A one-hour, one-on-one private coaching session with me on Zoom, Skype, or phone. I’ll offer a limited number of in-person sessions to folks who live in Western and Eastern Massachusetts.
  • Detailed, descriptive, and confidential notes. I’ll construct these and share them with you so you have explicit to-dos and next steps that you can use as a guide after our session. We will determine together your goals and deadlines, so we can track your progress.
  • Follow-ups from me via email after or between sessions where I check in on your progress on the goals we determined together during our session.
  • You’ll have access to email me with questions between our coaching sessions.

I recognize that while some people thrive with external accountability (I’m raising my hand here!), other people prefer to only have contact during a session and then go forth on their own, so we’ll develop a specific follow-up plan during our session.


Please visit for the current pricing.

How to book a session

I’ve already started booking into January and February, but I still have some spots available! If you’d like to book a session with me (or if you’d like to purchase a session for a friend as a gift!), the first step is emailing me at [email protected] to tell me you’re interested! From there, we’ll determine a time and method for the session, and I’ll ask you to answer some pre-session questions so we can make the best out of our first session.

Wanna hear what working with me is like?

You can read testimonials from clients here.

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