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2.25: The Productivity Tool that Changed My Life

The thing is, there will always be something more that I could do, but the Must-Do Method reminds me that it’s not only okay, but smart and practical to do some things later. This tool helped me learn how to value things like self care and taking breaks, and it taught me how to set boundaries around my output and reevaluate what really matters to me most.

2.23: How to Cope with Comparison

Comparison feels like shit. It’s also something that is marketed to us daily under a capitalist system, and especially on places like social media. My research in productivity and personal development is rife with images of beautiful homes and bodies and gaggles of success stories–all things I could compare myself to very easily. And reader, sometimes I totally do. And then I feel icky.

I didn’t want to feel icky with comparison anymore, so I decided to address my own struggles with it by asking myself a lot of questions about what happens when I compare myself to others. You can think of this as a survey of sorts, where the goal is to get to the bottom of what triggers my comparison, how I currently act when comparing myself to others, and using that data to imagine a better way to cope with comparison. This blog post will walk you through my process and offer you a revised set of questions that you can use to identify and cope with your own experiences with comparison.

2.21: Battle Work Doldrums with Pomodoro

If you’re experiencing the doldrums of work, you might feel easily distracted or bored with (or even resentful towards) your work. You might find yourself sighing and holding your ennuied head in your hands when you sit down at your desk. If you feel hopeless and unsure how you’ll ever finish your paper, dissertation, grant proposal, graphic design, podcast editing, or other impossible work task, then check out this blog post and let me help you, fellow doldrums haver.

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1.36: Must-Do Method
1.35: Mind & Concept Maps
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1.33: My Archival Research Fellowship
1.32: Priority Setting
Monthly Reflection 7: July
1.31: Emotional Agency
1.30: Managing Energy Expenditure
1.29: Monotasking vs. Task Switching
1.28: How to Receive and Release with Intention
1.27: How to Live with Intention Using Values + Presence
Monthly Reflection 6: June
1.26: Top Five Tending Tips
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1.18: Self-Validation
1.17: Movement
1.16: Enjoy the Process
1.15: Habits 101
Monthly Reflection 3: March
1.14: Focus
1.13: Perspective
1.12: Recovery
1.11: Dive Deep
1.10: Conscious Input and Output
Monthly Reflection 2: February
1.9: Abundance
1.8 Self-Sabotage
1.7: Self-Compassion: What It Is & How Do I Do It?
1.6: Changing the Stories We Tell Ourselves
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1.4: Mindful Consumption
How I Got Clarity and Finally Turned it Over
1.3: Playing It By Ear
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1.1: Welcome to The Tending Year!