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I recently wrote an article for GradHacker about the top five practices that helped me to finish my dissertation on time. I’m sharing the opening to the article below, but I encourage you to read the full article here. 

The last two years of my doctorate, I had a side hobby of researching and experimenting with productivity tools and teaching others to apply them to their own lives via my blog The Tending Year.


I started The Tending Year to manifest personal accountability to accomplish big goals; as a result I learned how to focus my labor so I could accomplish my to do list in less time and with more intention. I have chronic health issues that affect my energy and ability to focus, and I live with chronic pain that requires me to take breaks from sitting, so I was particularly interested in learning how to write my dissertation in short, focused work sessions. Plus, I genuinely loved my dissertation topic, and I wanted to make the process as fun as possible.


So, how did I finish my dissertation on time AND enjoy the process?


Read the rest of the article at GradHacker via this link

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