I am beyond thrilled to officially roll out a new coaching experience for you!!!

I’ve written up some brief answers to questions I thought you all might have about why I am offering this new option for coaching.

What’s “Slowductivity Coaching”?

“Slowductivity Coaching” means that I guide clients to improve their productivity via intention and mindfulness. While my coaching clients gain valuable productivity and time management tools and habits through our sessions, Slowductivity Coaching is about much more than just checking off a to-do list. You can read client testimonials¬†here and read more about Slowductivity here.

How does Single Session Slowductivity Coaching differ from Success & Accountability Coaching?

Success & Accountability Coaching is a coaching experience that includes a one-hour coaching session, a pre-session questionnaire, detailed and descriptive notes with explicit to-do steps and action plans, follow-ups and check-ins from me to you, and access to email me with questions and updates after and between our scheduled sessions. The current cost for Success & Accountability coaching is $175 per session (with all the goodies) or $300 for a two session package (save $50).

Single Session Slowductivity Coaching is a more financially accessible option for people who are interested in delving into a particular question or idea in an inclusive one-hour coaching session, without the pre- and post-session bells and whistles. In other words, you schedule, we have a brilliant session, and then you implement your new plans on your own after the session. The current cost for Single Session Slowductivity Coaching is $123 per session.

You can read more details about both coaching offerings here.

Please note that my S&A and SSS Coaching prices will go up this summer once I complete my doctoral degree. Any sessions booked before then will be honored at the Spring 2020 price.

Why am I offering Single Session Slowductivity Coaching now?

I love working with my Success & Accountability Coaching clients, but due to the nature of that specialized offering, I currently only have capacity to take on around four to five S&A clients each month. Single Session Slowductivity Coaching will allow me to maintain a full book of S&A Coaching clients AND offer my coaching services to more clients who either may not be as interested in the accountability portion of the coaching and/or are looking for a lower financial commitment.

How do I sign up for a Single Session?

I am now using a streamlined scheduling site called Acuity that will allow people to select a date and time for their session and to pay online before the session. Right now I have Acuity set up to take payments via Paypal, but you don’t need to have a Paypal account. If you’d prefer to pay via Venmo, let me know via email. Click the button below to schedule your SSS Coaching session!



How do I sign up for a Success & Accountability Coaching Session?

If you’re interested in booking a Success & Accountability Coaching session with me, please email me at [email protected]. You can read more about what S&A Coaching entails and read testimonials on my work with me page.