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What is Productivity Coaching and what is a Productivity Coach? 

Productivity Coaching helps you focus your energy and attention on high priority tasks so you can accomplish your goals without feeling overwhelmed. A Productivity Coach is a trained professional who provides one-on-one guidance to help a client develop practices such as time management, habit formation, prioritization, work/life balance, project management, setting boundaries around distractions like technology, and more.


What happens during a Productivity Coaching session?

I tailor every Productivity Coaching session for each client’s needs and interests. In general, I begin a session by establishing a client’s current relationship with productivity and then we move on to identify key goals that the client would like to accomplish on the short- or long-term. I ask many guiding questions to help my clients reflect on and articulate what outcomes they would like to achieve, and I assist my clients in developing a step-by-step plan that is actionable and achievable. By the end of every session, each client leaves with an individualized list of to-do tasks and/or experiments to try. For Success & Accountability Mentorship clients, monthly sessions also include a reflection on the previous month and cumulate in a productivity plan for the next month, in terms of work, rest, and self-care practices.


What are the benefits of Productivity Coaching?

The benefits of working with a Productivity Coach are vast. Clients who feel overwhelmed find that coaching offers them focused approaches to confusing projects, and clients regularly share that they feel like they were given permission to shift their relationship with their labor so they could achieve goals without overworking. I strive to help clients hone in on practical, realistic approaches to their work that function because they also prioritize rest and boundaries.


What topics do you cover during coaching?

I ensure that all of my Productivity Coaching sessions are individualized for each client, so no session is alike. However, there are a number of topics that I regularly work with clients on:

  • Time management
  • Prioritization
  • Habit formation (starting or stopping a habit)
  • Goal-setting and intention-setting
  • How to rest and take breaks
  • How to set boundaries around your work
  • Workaholism and workaholic tendencies
  • How to approach work when you live with chronic illness or chronic pain
  • Breaking down a larger task into manageable steps
  • Increasing focus
  • Handling overwhelm
  • Writing, particularly dissertations (reverse outlining, drafting, revision plans, concept-mapping and min-mapping, interpreting feedback, etc.)
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-care
  • and so, so much more.


What kinds of clients do you generally work with?

I’m open to working with any clients who want to reevaluate their relationship with productivity, although the majority of my clients are academics, creatives, and entrepreneurs. I have worked with many graduate students who are writing their dissertations. I especially appreciate working with clients who live with chronic health issues, like chronic illness or chronic pain. Many of my clients come to me via recommendation from a friend, although my clients also find me on Instagram or via my podcast interviews.

You can read some of my clients’ testimonials about our work together at the bottom of my Work With Me page.


What are your credentials?

I have been coaching clients in productivity since 2018, and I have been an educator for over a decade. I am professional scholar, trained researcher and writer, and I have three graduate degrees: an MFA, an MA, and a Ph.D. I take Productivity Coaching very seriously, which means I study and practice the tools I teach to my clients. I have published over 100 blog posts and three online articles about a myriad of productivity theories, practices, and approaches, and I have been interviewed on three podcasts. In 2021, I will add to my Coaching portfolio when I pursue a Professional Certification from the International Federation of Coaching. You can read my CV here.


What is your coaching philosophy?

I believe that every single one of my clients deserves to rest, to set boundaries around their work, and to define success on their own terms. I endeavor to translate my years of research and training into personalized, realistic approaches that each of my clients can use to find more peace, confidence, and pleasure in their lives. I will never tell a client to suck it up or ask them to overwork; instead, I’ll help them to develop a sustainable approach to productivity that is rooted in their values, goals, and preferences.


What types of sessions do you offer and what’s included in each?

I currently offer two different coaching options: Single Session Slowductivity Coaching and Success & Accountability Mentorship. You can read details about each offering here.

Single Sessions include aone-hour, one-on-one private coaching session on Zoom, Skype, or phone. They’re a great place for clients to discuss one or two topics in depth. The current price is $135/session, which includes brief session notes shared after the session.

Success & Accountability Mentorship is a 3-month or 6-month program for clients who are interested in additional support and accountatbility as they work on a longer-term goal. This session includes:

  • an intake questionaire to help me get to know you
  • a one-hour, one-on-one private coaching session once per month on Zoom, Skype, or phone
  • detailed and descriptive to-do lists and next steps (I’ll send you these confidential notes within 48 hours of our session)
  • weekly emails from me where I check-in on your progress on our goals and invite you to share updates
  • and an additional 30-minute check-in video or phone session in the last month of the package. Note: the 6-month package includes a 30-minute check-in session at the end of month 3 and month 6.

The current price for the 3-month package is $250/month (total of $750) for individuals paying for themselves and $340/month (total of $1,020) for individuals paid for by their organization or university.

The current price for the 6-month package is $225 /month (total of $1,350) for individuals paying for themselves and $330/month for individuals paid for by their organization or university (total of $1,980).

Any questions? Feel free to shoot me an email or use the contact button. Thanks!

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