It’s time to resee productivity

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awareness, and personal growth.

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Hi, I'm Kate Litterer!

I’m a slowductivity coach who loves problem solving, concept maps, and anything Sherlock Holmes.

Wait, what’s Slowductivity??

My approach to slowductivity is rooted my research and personal practice of slow living and productivity. I’ve been blogging weekly about slowductivity topics since January 2018, and I’m currently accepting new clients for one-on-one coaching sessions.

Praise for The Tending Year

 “Grad Students Beyond Grad School” (link here, excerpt below)

Florianne Jimenez: Kate Litterer’s blog, The Tending Year, has been a much-needed source of support and reflection for me this year. In her blog, Kate invites us into her journey through self-development in weekly posts that chronicle what she’s reading and listening to (she loves podcasts!), how she’s translating these principles into action, and how this fits into the big picture of her life as grad student, scholar, worker, partner, and community member. I love how Kate’s blog speaks so eloquently and compassionately from a graduate student perspective (she digs into working multiple jobs, issues of work-life balance, and financial hardship), but at the same time, The Tending Year is also a great place for me to get some distance from the drudgery of grad school.”

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