Before we jump into the blog post, I want to quickly let you know that I’m currently accepting new one-on-one coaching clients who want a little extra guidance with changing their productivity habits. You can read more about my coaching practice here and book a session here. You can also download a FREE guide to habit formation and maintenance by subscribing to The Tending Letter in the pink box below this post. Thanks for your time, and enjoy the blog post! 

I have two announcements to make! 


Announcement One: I have decided to shift my Success & Accountability Coaching to a Mentorship offering. You can read all of the details about this below and on my Work With Me page.

Announcement Two: I have updated my rates for both Single Session Slowductivity Coaching and for Success & Accountability Mentorship. 

I had planned back in 2019 to raise my coaching rates as soon as I completed my PhD in 2020, before the pandemic forced new financial realities on many folx in terms of lost income and lost jobs. However, after much reflection, I have decided to move forward with my original plan to raise my rates to account for the behind-the-scenes labor that I put into each session.


Single Session Slowductivity Coaching

The price for Single Session Slowductivity Coaching is now $135/session (an increase of $13/session). This includes a one-hour coaching session where we cover 1-3 questions or topics, I offer guidance, we come up with next steps for you, and I send a short email summarizing what we covered during the session within 48 hours of the session.

You can sign up for a Single Session Slowductivity Coaching session here.


Success and Accountability Mentoring

Success & Accountability Mentoring will replace Success & Accountability Coaching and is meant to help you set and meet goals within the span of three to six months. This offering is a hands-on approach to coaching, where I combine my expertises to guide individuals to make lasting changes in their own productivity, prioritization, and time management practices. I help clients approach long-term projects and goals through short-term practices that provide immediate results. You can read client testimonials here.

This Mentorship offering will help clients change the ways they approach their work and rest practices, even if they aren’t sure where to start, if they feel overwhelmed, or they are burnt out. S&A Mentoring is especially helpful for people who respond well to external accountability, who are working on a long-term project, or who want a holistic reset when it comes to the ways they labor. 


What’s Included?

  • I’ll ask you to answer a questionnaire about your interests, goals, dreams, and obstacles before our first session. I’ll review your answers and use them to guide our first session.
  • We will have a one-hour, one-on-one private coaching session once per month on Zoom, Skype, or phone. During the session, we’ll identify your patterns, habits, and goals, will look at what’s on your plate and your schedule, and we will come up with specific experiments you can try, determine deadlines for you, and set goals on a schedule that feels good to you as an individual. 
  • I’ll take notes during our session so you can fully focus, and then after our session I’ll revise these into detailed and descriptive to-do lists and next steps that you can use as a guide between our sessions. I’ll send you these confidential notes within 48 hours of our session.
  • I will follow up with you via email once a week while we are working together. This is a place where I check in on your progress on the goals we determined together during our session, and I will invite you to write me back with an update. 
  • We will have an additional 30-minute check-in video or phone session in the last month of the package where we re-evaluate your progress on your goals and practices and make any adjustments to your to-do list, schedule, or practices as needed. Note: the 6 month package includes a 30-minute check-in session at the end of month 3 and month 6. 


3-month package

$250/month for individuals paying for themselves, $340/month for individuals paid for by their organization (i.e., a university paying for a faculty member). 

Please note that a 3-month package includes 3 consecutive months, e.g., June 1st through August 31st.

Payment can be made up front or billed monthly via Paypal invoicing (you do not need a Paypal account).

6-month package

$225/month for individuals paying for themselves (savings of $25/session), $330/month for individuals paid for by their organizations (savings of $10/session).

Please note that a 6-month package includes 6 consecutive months, e.g., January 1st through June 30th.

Payment can be made up front or billed monthly via Paypal invoicing (you do not need a Paypal account).


If you have any questions or are wondering how Success & Accountability Mentorship could work for you, please feel free to reach out. If you think your organization may pay for your Mentorship coaching package, but you’d like to chat more with me first, feel free to email me. I sometimes take on a limited number of clients at a lower rate, so get in conversation.


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